Sand And Soil Testing Equipment


Rapid Moisture Meter

BrandYLEColorBlueFinishingGoodPressure Gauge (%)Up To 300, YESAutomation GradeManualMaterialMsAccuracy (%)Up To 2 MmAs Per IS 2720 (PART II) For Quick Determination Of Moisture Content Of Materials In Powder Form Viz. Soil, Sand, Coal Pottery Slip, ... Continue

Soil Proctor Moulds

Usage/ApplicationSoil CompactionAutomation GradeManualMaterialMild SteelColorBlueFinishingPolishedDiameterUp To 8 InchConditionNewSoil Procter Moulds For Soil CompactionASTM D 698, D 1557, D 558 ; AASHTO T 99, T180, T 134 ; EN 13286-2; BS 1377:4, 19 ... Continue

Brass Sieves 200mm Dia

Usage/ApplicationsevingBrandstandardMaterialBrassModel Name/Numberyle474ShapeRoundCapacityas Per SizeAutomation TypeAutomaticGrade StandardISDiameter20 MmAccuracydepend On SizeSizes Available:4.75 Mm, 4mm, 3.35mm, 2.80mm, 2.36mm, 2mm, 1.70mm, 1.40mm ... Continue

Automatic Compactor

Automation GradeAutomaticFinishingPolishedFrequency50 HzWeightUp To 30 KgPower SourceElectricAutomatic Compactor For Bituminous Mixes Rugged Construction To Withstand Hard Work Fully Automatic And Easy To Operate Uniform Compaction Automatic Preset ... Continue

GI Sieves

Usage/Applicationsand Or Any Other Material SevingBrandstandard SieveMaterialGISurface FinishedGalvanizedThicknessUp To 5 MmG.I. Sieves 300mm Dia And 450mm Dia Sizes Available : 125mm, 106mm, 100mm, 90mm, 80mm, 75mm, 63mm, 53mm, 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 37 ... Continue

Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method)

Automation GradeManualFrequency50 HzMaterialMSAs Per IS 2720 (PART IV) AND BS 1377:2.This Is For The Determination Of The Sub Sieve Particle Distribution In A Soil Sample By Mechanical Analysis. An Analysis Of This Kind Expresses Quantity The Propor ... Continue

Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Weight (kg)Up To 150 KgVoltage (V)240 To 440 VAutomation GradeAutomaticHand Operated Optional: Single Speed Motorized Also Available Three Speed Motorized Also Available Twelve Speed Motorized Also Available AS PER IS: 2720 (Part-VIII), ASTM D-3 ... Continue

Automatic Compactor Machine

Frequency (MHz)50Accuracy (%)2Temperature (deg. Celsius)90410Input Voltage (V)410Power (kilowatt)5 ... Continue

Dynamic Cone Penetration Apparatus

Automation GradeAutomaticFrequency50 HzFinishedPolished ... Continue

Marsh Cone

Model Name/NumberYLE MarshconeBrandYLEAutomation GradeSemi-AutomaticUsage/ApplicationLaboratoryFinishing50 HzWeightUp To 10 KgDisplay TypeDigitalDiameterUp To 100 MmAs Per ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176 This Cone Is Used To Find Out Viscosity Of Bentonit ... Continue

Sieve Shaker Hand Operated

Automation GradeManualUsage/ApplicationSievingColorBlueFinishingGood QualityWeight (kg)Up To 15PhaseSieves LengthMaterialStainless SteelSieves LengthUp 8 InchOptional: 300mm Dia., 450mm Dia. Also Available This Is A Light, Portable But Sturdy Sieve ... Continue

Sand Pouring Cylinder

Automation GradeManualFinishinggoodPackaging TypeBoxWeight2-10 KgMaterialCIBrandyleColorblueCapacitydepends On SizeUsage/ApplicationsoilHeightUp To 2.5 FeetFinishedCoatedSand Pouring Cylinder 100 MM (Powder Coating)The Apparatus Is Suitable For Fiel ... Continue

CBR Testing Machine

WeightUp To 50Voltage210-390Frequency50Power SourceElectricAs Per IS : 9669, IS : 2720 (Part XVI)It Is Used In Large Road Construction Projects Has Increased Considerably In Recent Years. This Apparatus, Mounted On A Rolled Steel Joint Cantilevered ... Continue

Shrinkage Limit Test Device

ColorWhiteCapacityUp To 250 LtrThicknessUp To 3 MmAs Per IS 2720 (PART-VII) ASTM D 427, BS 1377, AASHTO T 92.Shrinkage Limit Is The Maximum Water Content At Which A Reduction In Water Content Does Not Cause An Appreciable Reduction In Volume Of The ... Continue

Liquid Limit Device

MaterialMSNet WeightUp To 15 KgPower SourceHydraulicOptional: Motorized Liquid Limit Also AvailableAs Per IS 2720 (PART V), BS 1377-2 , ASTM D 4318Casagrande Method In Mechanical Form Is Known As Liquid Limit Method And Has Been In Use For Soil Mech ... Continue

Triaxial Test Apparatus

MaterialMSVoltage240 To 440 VFininshedCoatedAs Per IS 2720 (PART XII)The Cell Is Useful For Testing 38mm Dia X 76mm High Soil Specimen. Transparent Perspex Chamber With Anvil And Loading Plunger, The Cell Is Easily Opened By Releasing Four Nuts Ofth ... Continue

Proctor Compaction Test

MaterialMSHeightUp To 5 FeetUsageChemical LaboratoryAs Per IS: 2720(P-VII) Specification :Soil Compaction Is Of Utmost Requirement For Constructing Earth Fill For Dams, Canal Embankments, Reservoirs, Highways, Runways And Railways. The Relationship ... Continue

Cone Penetrometer

Power (V)210 Cone Angle (deg.)90 Automation GradeManualMaterialMSCone Penetrrometer Test Of Soil ... Continue

Relative Density Test Apparatus

MaterialMSModel Name/NumberYLE RDColorBlueWeightUp To 80 KgFrequency50-60 HzPower SourceElectricAs Per IS 2720 (PART XIV), ASTM D 4253 & ASTM D 4254 The Equipment Is Used For The Determination Of The Relative Density Of Cohesion Less Free Draini ... Continue

Unconfined Compression Testing Machine

Accuracy (%)98Automation GradeAutomaticConditionNewFinishingCoatedFrequency (Hz)50As Per IS 2720 (PART X) ASTM T 208 This Is Similar To Above With The Added Advantage Of A Motorized Drive Permitting Constant Rates Of Stain. Specification : Comprises ... Continue

Magnetic Stirrer

Capacity2 LitersSpeed Range [Rpm600Voltage210-380Frequency50-60 Hzintroduced World's Best Magnetic-stirrers. This Group Of Magnetic Stirrers Is Similar To The Conventional Magnetic Stirrers But Have Additional Hot Plate To Achieve Heating Of Solutio ... Continue

Soil Hydrometer

ConditionNewWeight (Gram)Up To 700 GMaterialMSAs Per IS 2720 (PART IV) For Determining The Liquid Limit Of Soils. This Is Specially Useful To Obtain Reliable And Accurate Results Of Those Soil Which Have Low Plasticity Index. The Percentage Moisture ... Continue

Universal Automatic Compactor

Automation GradeAutomaticFinishingCoatedFrequency50 HzAs Per ASTM D 558, BS 1377-4It Is A Motor Driven Mechanical Compactor Useful For Soil Compaction Into 100mm To 102 Mm & 150mm To 152.4 Mm Diameter Moulds. Two Sets Of Rammers Are Provided, One Of ... Continue

Plummet Balance

CapacityUp To 300 KnPower SourceElectricRangeUp To 70 MicronsAs Per ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176 Conventionally Particle Size Distribution Analysis Is Carried Out Using Pipette And Hydrometer Methods. Whereas In Hydrometer Method It Is Possible To Det ... Continue

High Speed Stirrer

Motor Power (HP)Up To 5 HPMaterialMSFininshedPolishedAs Per IS 2720 (PART IV) This Is For Mechanical Analysis And Also Other Laboratory Applications For Stirring Speed Approximately 4000 R.P.M. Under Load. A Dispersion Cup Is Supported On A Rest On ... Continue

Universal Permeability Test

Model TypeSingle Cell ModelProduct TypeSoilCylinder TypeBrassAs Per IS 2720 (Part XBII)- 1966 BS 1377; EN DD ENV 1997-2; ASTM D2434;AASHTO T215 Clays And Silts Are Tested Using The Technique. Flow Of Water Through The Specimen Is Observed By Monitor ... Continue

Permeability Test Apparatus Constant & Falling Head

ConditionNewAutomation GradeAutomaticMaterialCIAs Per IS 2720 (Part XBII)- 1966 BS 1377; EN DD ENV 1997-2; ASTM D2434;AASHTO T215 This Equipment Is Used For Testing The Permeability Of Granular Soils (sands Andgravels).The Specimen Is Formed In A Pe ... Continue

Plate Load Testing Apparatus

MaterialMSVoltage240 To 440 VAutomation GradeAutomatic ... Continue

Static Cone Penetrometer

FinishingCoatedAutomation GradeManualMaterialMSSoil Test  ... Continue